Community History

We have inherited from our forbearers a heritage of sacred traditions: the faith of the Holy Orthodox Church and the ideals and culture of the Greek people. Through the centuries, much of the greatness of Western civilization has evolved from this proud heritage. When our parents (or grandparents) left their beloved Greece for a new life in America, their faith, ideals and culture gave them the strength to adapt swiftly – to learn a new language and find a productive place in this challenging new world. They were mostly poor and uneducated, but they were proud of their roots and determined to succeed. And succeed they did - the vitality of Holy Trinity today is the legacy of the tenacity of those who came before to make a new life for their family's future.

1922 Contilia Lazarus organizes the first group of approximately 30 families from Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle, Yonkers and White Plains in her Mt. Vernon home to discuss the formation of a Greek Orthodox community.
1924 First group rents a storefront in Genung's Department Store and assigns the name of Holy Trinity
  • The "Hellenic Orthodox Community of Westchester County, Inc." is incorporated.
  • Congregation moves to the top of a garage on 5th Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets.
  • Purchase of property on N. 7th Avenue as sight of future Church. It was never built on and was sold. Presumably, the proceeds were used for the purchase of the "Wooden" church in 1940.
  • The precursor of today's Philoptochos Society is started.
1934 Holy Trinity moves to another rented space on 119 S. 4th Avenue.
1940 First Church building of significance is purchased: "Wooden" Church on N. High and Oak Street.
1942 Fire destroys "Wooden" Church before Easter. Holy Week services were held in the basement of the Masonic Temple in Mt. Vernon
1942-1948 Congregation rents a house on Second Avenue, Services were conducted in the livingroom; the entryway served as the Narthex; and Sunday School and Greek School classes took place in the diningroom, Fr. Papachristou lived upstairs
1948 Holy Trinity purchased the "White" Church from a Protestant community. This building was considered by many to be Holy Trinity's dream facility
1958 Building fund is organized and property is purchased on Mill Road and North Avenue in New Rochelle.
1961 AHEPA Evzone Chapter 405 is founded
1962 Ground is broken in New Rochelle for the new Community Center which also served as the Church until 1973.
1964 Doors open at the new Church and Community Center.
1971 Cornerstone is layed for the present day Church building.
1973 Archbishop lakovos blesses the new Church and the doors are opened.
1978 Holy Trinity's present Church building is consecrated.
1979 Fire severely damages the Church shortly before Christmas. Services are held in the Social Hall until repairs are completed
1986 Approval for the expansion, remodeling and redecorating of the Social Hall is given as well as approval for the construction of a gym.
1987 Ground is broken for the new gym and renovated community center.
1990 The new, expanded and redecorated facilities are officially opened and dedicated
1996         Father Peter N. Kyriakos retired in June after twenty-three years of service.
Father Nickolas Anctil officiated as our new pastor in July of 1996.
2001 All profits from our 2001 Festival (over $50,000) are donated to the 9/11 Fund.
2003 Holy Trinity Senior Basketball Team wins championship of COEBL.
Holy Trinity celebrates its 75th "Diamond Anniversary."
2008 25th Anniversary of the Holy Orders of Rev. Father Nicholas Anctil and the 80th Anniversary of the Holy Trinity Parish.